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And we're the dreamers behind Indigo Design + Co., LLC.


We are a husband and wife duo dedicated to bringing authentically unique design and event services straight to our clients.

The Design world has always called me and I love creating cozy spaces for all of my wonderful clients. 

Harvesting my love for shared spaces has been at the forefront of Indigo and the desire to bring families together in a home that is not only beautiful but functional is where my heart truly lies.


While I tackle Interior Spaces, my husband, Steven, tackles the Outdoors. Steven has over 15 years of experience creating beautiful hardscapes along with stunning outdoor designs.

Shelbe Lane (17).png

In recent years, my increased love of parties and my background in event planning has inspired us to start a new branch off the Indigo tree, and that is to bring the party straight to your doorstep!


We've officially "Gone Glamping" and have now launched the beginning of our rental items: Mini Tents. These tents are perfect for personalized unique slumber parties and we are thrilled to share them with all of you!


We hope that with our expertise in Interiors and Exterior Design while offering Dayton, Ohio, and surrounding cities with One-of-a-kind Parties and Events, we can be the go-to for all your Design needs.

glamping without bg.PNG

Thank you for stopping by, we're so glad you're here.

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