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An Open Shelf Pantry

Happy Monday, Friends!

This is not a long post but one I thought could be useful to someone in need of maximizing their space! Scroll to the bottom to Shop This Post!

My kitchen does not have that many cabinets and it definitely isn't accessible or set up for any of those cabinets to hold food. There's a corner in my kitchen that looked useful for another row of cabinets or possibly high pantry cabinets but it was left empty. At the moment my dining table is in there and I'm getting the itch to switch things up again but for now I wanted to share where I keep our dry foods.

I've always loved the idea of open shelving. It really brings air and light into the room. While I love all of the "open pantry" systems on Pinterest, I cannot say I would use all of the basics you would see in those pretty clear containers. After trial and error, I decided that I personally like most of my foods to be hidden. If it not for the cans, a guest might not even realize this is where we keep our food!

When I saw these amazing shelves from IKEA, I knew they would be perfect for so many rooms! I bought 2 initially and had them in my dining room. I soon decided that it was feeling heavy visually so I sold one.

These shelves also come in white and are $79.99 a piece. The top 4 shelves are glass and I've seen people put a marble laminate on the bottom shelf to spice it up a bit.

Vittsjo shelves also come in a small version that we used for my friends office where we painted them gold.

Next was coming up with nice containers to house all of the food.

I do like the Lazy Susan for functionality and it visually breaks up all of the bins. Most of the bins were found at Target! The 2 white bins that hold our cans are from the Dollar Tree.

The snacks are on the lower levels and easily reached by tiny hands. The big white bins on the bottom also are tall enough to hide and hold cereal boxes! I LOVE these bins. They have proven to be very sturdy. They are the 13" ones and are only $8 a piece. They do have 11" ones that fit inside those cubby organizers. They come in black, white, teal, and gray.

The top of this shelf is perfect for displaying some fun artwork! I usually change mine out quite a bit with the seasons but right now this is what it looks like.

Hope you all enjoyed where we keep our food! Its definitely easier to see what all we have and don't have when its displayed on a pretty shelf!

Links are below! Happy Shopping!

Lazy Susan- Bed Bath and Beyond

Bead Garland- Hobby Lobby

Olive Branches and Vase from Hobby Lobby

Peace Print , old from Hobby Lobby, Similar

2 small can bins are from the Dollar Tree

top left bin also from the Dollar Tree - Similar

Black and white basket is old from Target, Similar

Wild Thing sign ( I created my own in canva) Similar

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