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DIY Large Industrial Mirror

Did I say D.I.Y. MIRROR?... Yes, I did. Those aren't 2 words you typically hear together, but yes, it's true.

This bad boy is over 6 feet tall and over 3 feet wide. The best part? You can make one to the EXACT size of your choosing. This particular size was under $150!


Step One: Find a handsome fella (check) and head to your nearest hardware store. leftover

We got this thick plywood for $37.72 for a large 4x8 piece. (It's actually listed for $33 now at Lowes). You can either have them cut it for you or you can cut it yourself. The final measurement for the exact one we made is 38 1/2" by 76 1/8".

STEP 2: Buy 8 pieces of 8' trim. Ours had a slight curve to it, but a perfectly square trim would also be nice!

NEXT STEP: Get some glue! Below is what worked great for us..

The Star of The Show...

The "LOTS" Mirrors, set of 4, 12"x12".. $9.99. - I ordered 5 packs.

The mirrors being a perfect square foot make it really easy for you to decide what size mirror you would like! We wanted it to be at least 6 feet tall and at least 3 feet wide so we ordered 5 packs (and had 2 left over in case one broke!) You might think because of the price these mirrors are going to be flimsy. I assure you they are not. They actually have some weight to them. TIP: Make sure they are in stock before you head out! I had to have mine delivered.

You may tell by the photo this project was finished long before I'm finally blogging about it! Here Steven is measuring the board to make sure all the trim pieces fit between each mirror piece. We used one of the mirrors to measure as we went.

After getting all the trim pieces in and "framing" the board, he used a nail gun to secure them.

Once all your trim pieces are secure to the board, spray paint the edges and trim. We used this:

This is what you're left with...

Next Step: Glue down the mirrors.

The girls really loved helping with this project! Steven just laid some glue and they would carefully press the mirrors in!

Finished Product:

Disclaimer: This piece is HE-AVY. The plywood board PLUS all the mirrors, this thing has some weight to it. My kids don't mess with it, BUT it would probably be a good idea to anchor it to the wall. IKEA sells wall anchors too!

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. AND I love how you can customize to the size that is perfect for your space.

Tag Indigo at Home on Instagram if you make one! I'd love to see it.

Shopping List:

Trim Pieces -Similar. The ones I bought had slightly rounded edges and is out of stock.

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