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February Favorites

Hey Everyone!

I'm sharing everything I bought & loved, added to my need list, or swooned over during the month of February!

1. "You're like, really pretty" Doormat

You guys, I'm obsessed. Who doesn't love the movie "Mean Girls"?? It's a classic. I do love all things typography and this door mat has made its way to the top of my list for my Spring front porch. Its available online at

2. Snakeskin Mules

RUN to Wally World you guys and get these shoes. They are not online for sale, but you can search stores near you that still have them in stock. They are $11 DOLL HAIRS and SO comfortable I'm honestly shocked. They also come in Black.

3. Leggings AINT Pants

Just kidding. Leggings ARE TOTALLY Pants. They cover my bum, I can wear them yonder and beyond and THESE LEGGINGS, shew, ya'll they are DREAMY. They honestly feel like you're nude and isn't that all anyone looks for in a pant? They are more comfortable and softer than, whipsering: Lularoe. In my personal pants opinion.

4. Makeup Bag

I went on the hunt for the perfect makeup bag and Amazon Prime did not disappoint. What I love about this bag is the STRUCTURE. I was so tired of digging in an endless pit of tubes and such for a tiny eyebrow pencil. The best part about this bag is the fact that you can see ALL your merch at once. It has adjustable compartments so you can fit almost any bottle, tube, or brush you might have. Its the bees knees.

5. Round Jute Rug

I see these rugs floating around Pinterest periodically and they are just adorable. The size might scare some people because they are not the typical shape but I think they are perfect in so many spots in your home. Under a dining table, in a entryway, or in front of a full length mirror!

6. Thrive Causemetics, 3 in 1 Bright Balance Cleanser

I've never loved a face wash. There I said it. I've always felt like they are all the same. They either burn, or dry out your skin, and if they don't do either one of those, they pretty much feel like they do nothing else. Until, I met Bright Balance. This cleanser has changed the game for me. It has such a strange consistency, I'd almost say its sticky or tacky. Kind of weird at first, but then made me see that the consistency is what makes this so great. I felt like it was pulling out the GUNK in my face and making my skin cleaner. Its pricier than a drug-store brand but the tube is actually really big. Needless to say, I WILL be purchasing this again.


Guys, is it 1998 again? Am I really strutting around as a full grown woman with bills wearing HAIR CLIPS? ... Yes, yes I am. And I am here for it.

Your Mom's hair has never looked so cute.

This set from Amazon is under $10!

8. Pinky Promise Art Print

I love a good art print and there is nothing better than an instant download from Etsy. This print caught my eye immediately. There is something so simple, so sweet, and so romantic about it. I plan to hang it in our master bedroom and remind my sweet hubs of the promise we made. What a PERFECT anniversary gift.

9. Beige Hoodie from H&M

The hoodie is back. For some, it never went away. BUT NOW you can wear them once again in public and look like put together person. Rejoice. It could be the color, it could be the cut and its lack of bulk that makes this hoodie so cute. Whatever it is, I'm getting two. And you're in luck because it comes in 10 colors.

10. Throw Pillow w/Tassels

Throw pillows are my jam and this one is so FULL of texture, I have HEART EYES. Speaking of H&M, their home line right now is bursting with all things Beige & Clay colored goodness. This color is so rich and simple and screams mid-century modern. If you're in the market for new bedding and decor, I urge you to take a look.

11. Deep Green Velvet Chair

My heart has been on the hunt for one of these beauts for some time and thus so, I'm attracted to all things green velvet.

via:,, customcurtainsbeyond, voliavoile,,

Happy Shopping!


BONUS: My fav Black Hat

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