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Gift Guide FOR KIDS

Happy Thanksgiving Eve Eve! Today I'm sharing my gift guide for kids! Buying gifts for kids can sometimes be daunting with all the choices out there so I've compiled a list of learning and exploring toys to help narrow down the search! Happy Shopping!

These letters are made of resin and are perfect if you have a little one who is learning the alphabet or learning to read!

Another way to learn the alphabet... but in puzzle form! My kids love puzzles and this one looks like it could be a good challenge for the younger ones! The back has numbers too!

This one is on my list for the girls this year! Build your own flower garden! Endless possibilities for flowers and stems, this one is sure to be a win at my house!

This company has come up with the greatest idea ever. The Idea Box features 60 ideas on 30 wooden coins. This one is the "backyard" version but they have a ton of others to include: "Family", "Big Sister", "Sports", "Date Night", "Science", and "Summer". These would make the perfect gift! More here! Coin Ideas for Kids

This one caught my eye immediately as a cute way of teaching kids about the importance of going to the dentist as well as getting my youngest excited for her first trip there! My kids LOVE playing doctor and I know they would love this dental kit!

Definitely getting this one for my 2 year old! Kids love to sort and the bears and cups are perfect to get her to recognize quantity and colors!

I'm obsessed with these boxes. Maybe its because I would have loved to get this when I was little. These "sensory boxes" are floating all over Etsy. They look like they will keep your little one busy for HOURS. This version is called "Dig In". The one below is a "Fairy" themed box. Perfect as gifts! Fairy Sensory Box

This one has play doh!

If you haven't guessed by now I love learning toys and toys that keep them busy... This puzzle of the USA is perfect for kids to learn about our country.

Shelbe xo

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