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Here Comes the Sun - 1st Birthday

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

This past weekend we celebrated our sweet Marigold Bluebird's 1st Birthday! This year has absolutely FLOWN by and I know how everyone says that, but man, with the 3rd kid, it really does. SIGHHHH.

She is my GOLDEN flower so a "Here Comes the Sun" Birthday, was the perfect theme for her day. Links at the end of this post!

The invites: I created this one in Canva and loved the boho/retro colors. They are extremely affordable and you can easily personalize them with photos, which I love.

The balloons! You know your girl loves balloons. After all, I was raised by two clowns, so what do you expect?

I wanted to make a smaller balloon arch on the wall that mimicked the shape of a rainbow and ended with a gold sun. All of the colors were part of a kit, with the exception of the pale yellow. I bought those separately.

The streamers I cut from a fringe door curtain.

The Cake!

I love ordering from Rachel Bakes in Beavercreek as they can accomplish anything I've asked them to do. AND they are incredibly affordable. I asked for a watercolor ombre cake that was white, pink, and orange, and it turned out so so sweet. I personally love the strawberry cake with buttercream icing.

The cake topper was from a sweet little shop on Etsy (link below). The best part is that I can reuse it for future birthdays.

We didn't do a crazy amount of food but definitely had some favorites! Cookies and ham and cheese sliders are a fan fav! Of course we had some meat and cheese! #meatismylovelanguage


We gave everyone some Marigold seeds to take home and plant!

My girl got lots of sweet gifts!

...She also loved the cake!

We love you, Marigold Bluebird Baby!

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