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Holiday Gift Guide FOR HER

Happy ALMOST Thanksgiving Friends! As we approach the biggest shopping day of the year, I wanted to get everyone some Holiday Gift Guides in case you were having trouble trying to figure out what to buy the ladies in your life. Keep reading for all the deets on the gifts below!

You do not have travel far to get the first item on my gift guide! I'm so excited to launch Indigo's Holiday Prints this year and hoping you all enjoy them as well! They are affordable, easy to print, and easy to gift!

Ever hear the phrase, "I'm cheating on my husband with Amazon Prime"? ... Yea, me neither....

This little rose quartz roller is one of those things that you'll wonder, "Do I NEED this?.. Does it even work?" YES FOLKS. You do & it does. I swear this thing makes me feel like I'm chiseling my cheekbones. It's magical.

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with everything Anthropologie sells and this blanket is at the top of the list. The colors, the fringe... its Everything!

I've been super into the "backpack purse" trend lately. I love purses but I hate carrying them and this seems like the perfect compromise. Target for the WIN.

These make the sweetest personalized gift or stocking stuffer. I can't resist the bright colors and beading. A++.

My FAV ornament probably ever. My 3 little babies names on a thin slice of wood and black and white string. Its the perfect grandparent gift as the names and colors you can get are endless. This seller, Lauly + Rue is local to Dayton and is selling these sweet things for only $6! Ask to "join" her group (link above) to place an order!

I feel like I sleep better when my PJs match... anyone else? This print is SO CUTE and the colors are spot on.

This guy is definitely on my wish-list this year. I feel like the internet machine has been buzzing lately with hot brushes such as this one. So many good reviews can't hurt either. Here's hoping this beaut gives me massive volume. The bigger the hair the closer to Jesus, right?

This is probably the cheapest thing on my list.. but I don't know where I'd be without it. I actually wear this under a shower cap when I don't want my hairline to get wet. It keeps your hair back when you wash your face, put on makeup, etc. It's great. And do I look cute in it? Steven hasn't said I don' YES, yes I do.

My hairdresser turned me to this Olaplex stuff. It's one of those hair products that you wonder how you ever got by without it before. Its expensive but MAN I really notice if I don't use it. This gift set is the perfect way to try No. 3, 4, 5, & 6 without spending the full price.

Finally, the sweetest little script "mama" necklace for the Mom in your life.

Happy Shopping!

Shelbe xox

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