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Last Minute Easter Basket Ideas!

T-minus THREE days... Talk about last minute AMIRIGHT?

Here are some easy, quick, and CUTE ideas for last minute Easter Basket finds you can buy TODAY!

Hoppy Shopping!

Bubbles and Sidewalk Chalk and Water Balloons - The perfect time to stock up on these fun outdoor activities! P.S. Your kids will think you are the greatest person ever if you start an impromptu water fight...

Sunglasses + Sandals - You're going to need them for Summer, now is the perfect time for gifting!

Hairbrush - Hair accessories- I also use this opportunity to restock on the essentials.

Books about the meaning behind Easter

What to put in Easter Eggs that's NOT candy?!



butterfly clips

kids rings

Puzzle Pieces (this one is GREAT! Once they find them all they can put the puzzle together!)



animal crackers

nail polish

bouncy balls



words of affirmation

hidden messages

scavenger hunt directions


DOWNLOAD This Copy for free and print on 8.5x11 paper at home! All you need is some orange paint and some cute tootsies!

What do you always include in your Easter Baskets?

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