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Sweet as a Peach Birthday Party

Today I'm sharing some of the fun details of my sweet Pearl's Peach themed Party!

I CANNOT believe my sweet little peach is already one year old! This year has absolutely flown by. I feel like it was just a few weeks ago that we were in the hospital awaiting her arrival. Time is going by TOO quickly.

When planning parties, I usually go down this list when trying to think of a unique theme.

- What is my kid REALLY into right now? (favorite movie, book, or toy, or food group)

- Incorporate something with her name

- Incorporate something from her Baby Shower (for first birthdays only)

- A pun or fun saying. (ex: "Sweet as a Peach")

One of the first things I landed on as a possible theme was "Pears". I know what you're thinking, "How you could possibly arrange an entire party around a single fruit, pears none the less". LOL

I was, however, pretty confident I could do it. I also liked that "Pear" was the first 4 letters of her name. (Maybe in the future someone will let me tackle that theme- haha!)

Well fast forward to when she tried pears for the first time and had a TERRIBLE reaction to them. I knew then in good conscience that I couldn't make her party all about pears when her little self couldn't even eat any. haha!

Which landed me on Peaches. Combining peaches with a well known saying, "Sweet as a Peach", was just the ticket. It was also an added bonus that peaches starts with a "P" and her name is "Pearl Paisley" and this is her "Party"... haha (too much?) I honest to God almost threw in "Pastel" as well. Pearl Paisley's Pastel Peach Party... I digress...

I started out in Canva creating her invitation. Some of the design elements were not free but all in all, the whole invitation only cost me only $2 to make. I had only created invites once before, Lucy's Circus Party, but I think they turned out just fine.

All these "P's" really did give me an idea though. Everyone has seen the alphabet books that say "A is for Apple, B is for Butterfly, etc...". I knew I wanted to do that with Pearl's name. I already had her name from above her crib and attached it to a DIY wreath for her nursery.

The "P" is a large cardboard letter from her Baby Shower that I had spray painted white and all the attendees had signed.

Pearl's Swan themed Baby Shower

So, I had the "P" and the "Pearl", i just needed the "is for". I found a small frame in my house and created a new design using Canva, added a photo of a peach to the words, and printed it off and cut it to fit in the frame.

I created the floral hoop background using various size embroidery hoops. I used one 23", two 18", and two 12" hoops. I purchased one bush of coral peony's, cut and wrapped them around the hoops with floral wire. I also added long eucalyptus sprigs. This was eucalyptus I already had in my basement from a previous floral project and they were pretty stiff. If I had wanted to buy more I would have bought some that had a little bit more give to them and bent a little easier.

I attached the small hoops to the large ones using these gems from the dollar store...

They are amazing. They are SUPER sticky! I do not suggest putting them directly onto a wall.

I have been keeping it pretty simple in the food department for the last few of my parties. It always seems that I am too busy to really make a lot of food the night before/morning of and I didn't want to rush myself and not be able to enjoy the morning.

I have been grabbing some party platters at Sam's Club and have been enjoying them. They are big and easy and a crowd please-er. Who doesn't love a good meat tray? AMIright?

For the favors, I had Megan from Ginger Snap Cakes make these adorable peach shaped cookies (that are SO delicious) and she even individually wrapped each one too! I wanted the cookie favor display to look like a mini-fruit stand, so I got some berry baskets from Hobby Lobby to display them in. I also put some boxes under the tablecloth to make the "stand" look tiered.

And you definitely can't go wrong with Snapple Peach Sweet Tea.

My tiny Peach Princess had a nice time eating her cake and opening some gifts. We are so lucky to call this gal ours. Happy Birthday, Pearl Paisley, and a big thank you to every one that came out to celebrate her. xo


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