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Toy Story 3 Birthday Party

Hello, Everyone!

Today I'm sharing my precious Pearl's 3rd Birthday Party! My tiny Pearl will be 3 on February 19th and we wanted to celebrate a few weeks early as I am getting very close to delivering our 3rd little lady.

If you've been around Pearl at all in the last 4 months, every other word that comes out of her mouth has been "Me watch Cats", OR "Me watch Sansa" (Christmas Chronicles). Even after Christmas was over, my Pearl was still Santa's #1 fan and insisted we watch him at every free moment. I started planning a "Cats" themed party for her after the musical movie "Cats" until about 4 weeks ago when she discovered Toy Story and a guy named, Buzz.

She now says "Woody Buzz" and THANK GOODNESS there is more than one movie we can watch that features them. HA! My girl likes Woody just fine and Jessie is good too, but its Buzz who stole her heart. She asked me "Mom, you buy me wings? Me fly?". ABSOLUTELY. Anything for you, Pearl Lightyear.

So now, I present to you:

Pearl Story 3. "Houston, we have a 3 year old".

I asked my husband if he wished he had married a more simple woman who didn't need a balloon arch for every special event and he declared, "No, I'd just be sitting on my couch with ugly children". HA! Isn't he sweet. He's also getting really good at making these arches! Thanks dear.

I created the "Pearl Story 3" graphic using Canva and an app on my iPad called Procreate. The yellow font is called "Peace Sans Regular" and after tilting some of the letters, I outlined by hand the blue edging. I also drew in the red box behind "story". I then printed the image on 20x30 poster paper from Walgreens. I did the same for her invite. I added all her "friends" and some wood flooring at the bottom and the blue clouds in the back. We did a "quarantine" style party where our 2 families came at separate times to keep everyone socially distanced and it worked out great.

The cake is a strawberry 6" triple layer cake from Rachel Bakes in Beavercreek. I added the gold 3 on top.

I had plans to just serve pizza bagels from "Pizza Planet" but my Instacart shopper said "Nay, I will not buy all the pizza bagels you request". Getting him a 1 star and shoving my air fryer full of other items I just happened to have in my freezer. OH WELL. Fruit cups, chips, and cookies always fill the gap.

"Me Buzz"

Not pictured here is her plugging her ears while we sang "Happy Birthday" the first time and then declaring "NO SING!" the second time... ha! She's a hoot. Happy Birthday My Sweet Pearl!

If you missed her 2nd Frozen Birthday Party, click here!


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