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9 Spring Cleaning & Organization Must Haves


Seasonal depression is lifting its cold hand off our backs and we can once again feel the warm embrace of the SUN ON OUR FACES.

Shew, that was a little extra.....BUT truthfully, it is always such a relief when the weather starts warming up and we can FINALLY go outside.

There's a "new-ness" that comes with the start of Spring that I've always loved. The flowers start sprouting, people start pulling out all their lawn furniture, and little birds make their nests in Christmas wreaths, making the front door prone to bird attacks and making us look like the only people on the block who still are holding onto the last ounce of the Holidays. (just us?)

I've compiled a list of some of my favorite things to make your home feel fresh and new and your Spring organization that much better.

1. First up is my best friend. I'm talking share your deepest darkest secrets type of best friend. And by "deepest darkest secrets" I'm talking the dust bunnies hiding out till Easter under my dresser. When I say I love this thing, I am being completely honest. It has CHANGED my cleaning game. I'll be upstairs giving the kiddos a bath and he's down stairs humming along cleaning up the cheerio trail they left. You guys, it's MAGICAL. If there's only one thing you take away, its that you NEED this in your life.

His home for now

2. Command Hooks for your broom & mop. I have been a die hard fan of command strips for years now. Almost everything hung on the wall in my house is hung using these bad boys. So when I saw these new broom holders I knew I had to try them out. I first had them on the back of my closet door then moved them into the basement stairwell wall. They don't damage the wall and can be moved as much as my little heart desires. I was a little skeptical if they could hold the weight of my swiffer mop with a full container of liquid and I'm happy to report that for a month now nothing has come crashing down.

3. I think in my previous post I described myself as a "basket person". I LOVE a good basket. In fact, I currently have too many. Which is not a bad spot to be in. I'm a FIRM believer that almost everything looks better when kept in a basket. I have many in my home and they house shoes, blankets, toys, and even water bottles. Here are some of my favorites.

4. Next up are "bins". Maybe the cousin to baskets? They are GREAT for organizing your pantry or bathroom items. They are super affordable and I have been eyeing these white ones from IKEA for basically forever.

5. The next best thing to bins are LABELED bins. AMIRIGHT?! Not one person in my house shares my appreciation for a good old-fashioned labeled bin. Knowing that everything in your home has a home is so satisfying. These bin labels clip easily onto all types of "bins" and you can write on them with a dry erase marker or if your certain their contents are permanent you can put a sticky label on them using a label maker or one of these adorable vinyl labels from Etsy. These circle ones from Target are cost effective and I love how you can change what they say so easily.

6. The Wood Scrubber. I love a good dish scrubber. I HATE the way they look after you clean a spaghetti pan with them (they never really are the same after that). Well throw away your old green and yellow one because this one takes the cake. I love this scrubbers wood handle and I don't feel guilty leaving it out near my sink. Perched up on a pink cake stand really does help.

7. The rolling cart. This is the second rolling cart we have in our home. The first is in Pearl's Nursery and is white. I love how I can easily roll them to where I need them next and easily change their purpose. I've even stored books on them in the playroom. You can use one for toys, bathroom items, laundry items, and HOW CUTE would it be as a tiny bar cart?

8. Over the door Shoe Organizer. I know what you're thinking. DUH - these things have been around since the beginning of the world...TWO WORDS - "toddler shoes". Why did I not realize these things are a gift from Heaven?! We have been struggling with the tiny shoe situation in our house for some time. There are, at any given moment, about 41 tiny shoes in our home, occupying valuable land in our living room and closets. I tried to corral these things with baskets and bins but we were still showing up late because we had to go on a 3 day search for the other My little Pony shoe. WELL NOT ANYMORE. Enter the shoe organizer. I can put one pair of toddler shoes in each pocket and two pairs of baby shoes in each one and OH MY GOODNESS, we no longer search for shoes. AND EVEN BETTER - they house SOCKS, MITTENS, SCARFS, and any other tiny doo-dad my kids have floating around. You also can't beat the price at less than $8 a pop. A WIN in my book.

9. Last but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, the shoe bin. The TRONES white "shoe" bins from IKEA are a dream. They come in sets of 2 for about $25. They easily fasten to the wall and are so narrow that they hardly take up any space. We don't even put shoes in ours. I keep important school papers and projects I'm working on in the top two and books for the kids to easily grab in the bottom. For us, storing books where we keep the toys in the living room just wasn't working for our family and now keeping them all together in these easy access bins has been so nice.

P Agrees

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