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Entry to a Sister's shared room & DIY Refresh!

Hello, Friends!

I'm a lover of change. Moving rugs around is my JAM.

With that said, one of the most unfortunate spaces in our home is the Playroom. A needed room, Yes. But overflowing as all get out. I put on the highest mom pants I owned and filled 5 trash bags with unused and unnoticed toys. Its been 4 weeks, and my girls have yet to bring up the dreaded question, "wheres that one doll with the blue dress and sparkly shoes?". Nope, they were donated and are being loved by another child. Win-win.

Our plan was to move the girls into this room as their shared bedroom. But more on that in an upcoming post!

Onto the plan:

I'd been hoarding this pin board for about 2 years. It was a gift at Christmas and while I LOVED the frame on it, I wasn't that big into pin boards. It is so hard to find this large of a "fancy" frame so I knew this was a keeper. This one was from Homegoods and was listed at $24.99. I've seen these things floating around Homegoods for years. I wondered how easy it would be to take the pin board part out and convert this into a frame. Finding frames this ornate for cheap is not the easiest.

Well, It wasn't that hard at all.

Me telling Steven mid photo to not get my face in it! haha!

After unscrewing the back board the inside was set up much like a frame. We did have to use a razor blade to cut the hot glue around the edge that held in the pin board cushion.

Don't you love a man with a head flashlight?

I went to Lowe's to buy a piece of glass, (they cut it for free to my exact dimensions) to complete my frame. Seeing as how this pin board was meant to hang on the wall, it already came with a wall hanging kit attached. But if it hadn't, I could've easily bought one for a few bucks.

I knew this frame wasn't a standard size in terms of printed photos so I had to get creative. I measured the opening of the frame, and got the next size up in a print. The frame measured 15x18 so I had a photo of girls printed to a 16x20, paying close attention to the landscape of the photo knowing I was going to need to cut off a few inches on each side. I chose a photo that was set back a bit to make sure I was able to center it correctly.

If you can tell in this photo, I laid the glass on top of the photo and used a razer blade to trim the extra.

I am absolutely in love with the way this frame turned out. And those adorable sister faces make it THAT much cuter.

Onto the entry of their room:

This is the before.

At one point, it wasn't that bad. But an overflow of artwork definitely didn't make this area feel less hectic.

Here is the before. At one point, it wasn't that bad. But an overflow of artwork definitely didn't make this area feel less hectic. The picture up top is one of my favorite things ever. My Dad got me this and it has been moved into the new playroom!

I thought this area would be adorable to hang a peg coat rack for all the tiny coats and purses to rest. This one is from Amazon and I love the natural wood color. I wanted to keep this area simple and and having an extra place to keep their robes and coats has been perfect!

Shop this Post!

Bunny Bags are from Target

Side Table is from Homegoods

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