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March Favorites

Hello, Friends!

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite finds for the month of March! Some of the items I own, and some of them I'm just plain drooling over. Keep reading to see why they made the list! (Sources at the bottom.)

1. Girl, Stop Apologizing - Book By Rachel Hollis

There's no mistake why, "Girl, Stop Apologizing", jumped to the top of my list this month for favorite things. I loved her first book, "Girl, Wash Your Face", but this one, in my opinion, takes the cake. *I highly recommend buying this book on audio*. You can feel her energy when she reads and it brings so much life into the book. I honestly did feel the first few chapters were kind of repetitive and did mirror "Girl, Wash Your Face" very closely, but I DEEPLY LOVED the final 10 chapters. Like, LIFE CHANGING loved them. The past few months I have been listening to audio books to and from work and listening to Rachel tell me over and over how I can successfully organize and tackle my goals and properly motivate myself is truly inspirational and makes me totally PUMPED to take on the day. There was also a 30 minute "bonus" at the end of the book of her speaking Live at the RISE conference. You need this in your life!

2. Oribe - Dry Texture Spray

This little gem actually came in my IPSY bag a month or two ago when I tried it for the first time. There are so many hair products on the market these days that you use and you're like, "I think this is working", OR, "This possibly helped my hair look less crazy". But, honestly, did it really help? ... WELL, THIS PRODUCT is not one of those. How I use it: I back comb sections of my hair and spray some on the teased section. I also spray on the top of my hair afterwards. Since I've cut a lot of my hair off, I like how it makes my ends textured. It keeps my hair big, in place all day, and really textured without being sticky or heavy. I have also tried the Dry Texture Spray from Moroccan Oil, and I thought that was good, but this is a 10/10 in my book. ITS GOLD, PEOPLE. I've noticed a MAJOR difference. So much so, that I was so sad when I ran out. And even sadder, (it's only downfall), when I discovered that it comes with a pretty price tag. I'm here to say though, that it is worth every penny.

3. Llama Basket - Target

Two words, "Llama Basket". Do I really need to go further?... When this popped up at Target, I was ALL about it. I'm a basket person by nature, and when you add something as adorable as a Llama to the mix, you really can't go wrong. A+ Opalhouse. It has perfect reviews and some of the reviewers have shown photos of the little llama basket in action with plants inside or even toys and books. Sadly, it is currently out of stock online, but looks like it will be restocked soon! Fingers crossed!

4. Sunflower Shorts - Old Navy

These are definitely on my radar for Spring. I LOVE this style. They are the perfect length, not too short or too long, and they have an elastic waistband so I can enjoy my backyard BBQ feast in peace. The past few years Old Navy has launched a few new prints in this style and I have to say this sunflower print is at the top of my list.

5. Black Circle Tote - Walmart

Wally World is definitely stepping up to the plate with this one. These circle totes are everywhere this year and this one for under $20 is a WIN. I snagged this about a week ago and have been loving it. It holds all the diapers, wipes, and snacks I ask it too and I look like I'm totally winning at this "cool mom" thing. Thanks, Walmart! (Bonus: it comes in other colors including a pink color block option that is SO CUTE.)

6. Yellow Floral Slingback Shoes - ASOS

These are one of those pairs of shoes that might not appeal to everyone. When I saw them, however, I HAD to have them. Luckily, my sweet Hubby saw the hearts streaming from my eyes and got them for me. I love the slingback style that's floating around and there's something about yellow floral that gets me so jazzed for Spring.

7. Boxwood Wreath - Target

I'm getting in the good weather mood and starting to plan my Spring front porch and this 19" Boxwood Wreath is catching my eye for sure. It is half the price of others just like it and if you throw a little striped ribbon around it, you'll have the cutest front door on the street.

8. Macrame Tassel Umbrella - World Market

Speaking of good weather, how adorable is this tassel umbrella? This would be perfect for those warm summer nights drinking sangria's on your back patio while both of your children are in bed early and its just you, your dreamy husband, and the moon.... OK- I've strayed a little here. BUT, you get the idea. This thing is CUTE.

9. Fruit & Flowers Set of Notebooks -Amazon

Our new puppy, "Lemon", has had me on high alert and attracted to anything, and I mean anything, with a lemon on it. No, I don't need umbrellas or socks with lemons on them. (OR DO I?!)... This notebook set is perfect for jotting down your to-do list.

10. Embroidered Tassel Pillow - World Market

Man, I LOVE a good throw pillow. A good friend of mine recently said how she was shocked about how a throw pillow can completely change a room. At one point in my life, I had 17 throw pillows in my living room, LOL. (No joke - scouts honor). It was like I was, at any moment, ready to host the next Pillow Fight Olympics. Since then I've cut back on the number of pillows in my living room but the truth remains: Nothing beats a good throw pillow. They are, after all, the equivalent of the adult stuffed animal. This one is stunning with its tassels and embroidery and would look PERFECT in your corner chair reading nook.

Happy Shopping!


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