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LOL Doll Birthday Party

Hello, Friends!

Today I'm sharing the details of my Lucy's 6th Birthday Party! For the past few years, Lucy has told me what "theme" she wants and it usually parallels her favorite shows or toys. This year she informed me her theme would be LOL Dolls.

The first thing I do when planning around a theme party is go to Pinterest. They've got great ideas that you can morph and pull together to make a unique party. Instead of heading to party city and buying all items branded "LOL", I decided to do my own thing.

I found a Pinterest photo using rainbow balloons and streamers coming down from each color. I took this as my base but decided the colors would all be pastel.

Ya'll this backdrop was SO CHEAP. And by cheap, I mean affordable. The table I was putting this over was only 6 feet so I only used 36 of the 100 balloons that came in the kit. The crepe paper streamers came in 6 colors that matched the balloons perfectly. The balloon and streamer backdrop minus the paper dolls cost me only $16.95. This kit comes with everything you need to tie and hang the balloons garland.

What I like about this backdrop is you can take the "LOL Dolls" off and insert your own "theme" to change it up. This could easily be a Baby Shower or Sprinkle, 1st Birthday, etc.

For the dolls I searched for "Clip Art LOL Dolls" and there are tons of them for personal use on the web. I chose ones that matched my theme and were dressed in pastel colors. I saved them and printed them on 11x14 photo paper at Walgreens. (In hindsight, I would not have used photo paper and instead used a matte paper so the dolls would not reflect light. Not a big deal though.)

You guys, this cake. Rachel Bakes here in Beavercreek Ohio created this wonderfully delicious & beautiful 7inch, 3 tiered strawberry cake. I showed them a picture of what I wanted that featured the pastel colors and the upside down ice cream cone and they nailed it. I did add the twisty sucker, "6" balloon, and LOL doll to the top of the cake myself.

Lucy was mesmerized by this creation. Everyone also said how delicious it was! It was not as expensive as I thought it would be and they say it feeds 8-15 people, but it could feed way more. We cut the slices in half and it was more than enough.

I did not do much in terms of food at the party. It was between lunch and dinner so we just did some sweets, veggie pizza, veggies and fruit, and pretzel bites.

Happy Birthday, Lucy!

(In case you missed it, check out Lucy's Vintage Circus Themed Party!)


(On the cake)

LOL doll - ours

Printed LOL cut outs at Walgreens on 11x14 paper

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