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October Favorites

Happy Fall Everyone! Or should I say Merry Christmas?

Looking in my phone at all the photos we took in October starts off with my kids in sun dresses running through the backyard and ends with them wearing snowsuits under Halloween costumes as flurries come down. What a month it has been!

Let's dive into everything I've been crushing on this past month...

1. Essie Nail Polish - On the Bright Cider

I may be late the nail polish game. I typically don't paint my nails, I hate the look of chipped nail polish and it takes SO DANG LONG to dry that I cant find the time in my day to sit still. Until I saw this color from Essie. Its the perfect clay rust colored nail polish. I sought it out and cringed for a moment at the price, BUT THEN put it on. WOW, I didn't realize the difference between the cheap ones and more pricey ones till now. It evens out perfectly and dries to what felt like my own stronger nail. I was mesmerized by this brand and wonder if all Essie' nail polishes are like this? A+.

2. True & Co. -True Body Triangle Bra at Nordstrom

Dare I say the best bra I've ever worn? Sorry 17 year old me and her undying love for Victoria's Secret. Maybe 30 year old me doesn't want to be uncomfortable, ever, OR, maybe breastfeeding for the last 5 years has changed my body forever. Well that's a definite, but I ordered this bra, reluctantly, because it is KIND OF more than I would typically spend, but boy am I glad I did. If you like wearing bras that feel like your not wearing one, then this is for you. I've also bought other styles and colors from this brand and I'm OBSESSED. If you treat yourself at all this upcoming holiday season, BUY UR GIRLZ THIS. You'll thank me later.

3. The Quick Flick Eyeliner Pens

I'm not gonna lie. This was a late night purchase after seeing ads for quite some time. In fact, I tried to cancel it the next morning with no luck. I've always thought I was decent at doing a freehand winged liner and some days are better than others but when I got this in the mail I was shocked. A perfect winged eye, every time. BOY has this invention saved me some time.

You get 2 pens in each pack. Each pen has a side that is the "winged" stamp and the other side of each pen is a fine tip eyeliner pen to fill it in. The woman who invented this is out of Australia and went on Shark Tank. It is so quick and easy to use, I'm afraid I will not be able to go back to the old way of freehand. It comes in 3 sizes of "wings" and a host of colors. A MUST for all that love this look.

4. White Porcelain Apple Mug

The cutest little mug. This sweet little gem will definitely add some spice to your kitchen this fall and Christmas season and at only $5.99, its a steal.

5. Poinsettia Cushion Cover

Another favorite from new holiday home arrivals is this beautiful vintage poinsettia pillow cover. It is the perfect transitional piece to take you from Fall into Winter. The colors are perfect and not overpowering and for only $9.99, it is a easy update that won't hurt your wallet. TIP: The cover is a 20x20 but if you put an insert that is a 22x22 it will be FULLER & FLUFFIER.

6. Dark Pink Padded Jacket

Currently crushing on this beautiful jacket also from H&M. The color is STUNNING. Sadly, this beauty is not available in stores, BUT is available online.

7. Leather Leggings

Your girl totally couldn't resist jumping on this bandwagon. I love the look of the leather leggings floating around on INSTA. Was eyeing the ones made by the brand Spanx, but didn't want to spend that kind of dough. Until I saw these $16 ones from Target with amazing reviews. The reviews were right. These are so stretchy and comfortable and fit so nicely. Still on the lookout for some pretty sweater tunics to wear with them.

8. Sienna Kilim Bath Mat

Ya'll there are so many things I love about this bath mat. For one, it looks like an actual rug and not the typical boring bath mat. Comes in 2 sizes so its sure to fit any bathroom. How adorable would this look underneath your vanity? HAPPY SHOPPING FRIENDZ!


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