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Vintage Boho Nursery

We are expecting our 3rd sweet lady any day now and I loved creating a space that is new and fresh for a sweet little babe.

For Marigold, I wanted to create a vintage boho theme that was simple and interesting.

First up, the Crib and Wall:

Someone once gave me this twin rattan headboard for free when I went to go pick up something else I was buying from them. It is old, missing some details, definitely not perfect but I think that's why I love it so much. It had been sitting in our garage for a year or so until I thought that might look interesting behind the crib.

The flower arrangement above the headboard I made from real dried flowers. Another detailed blog post coming soon with how I made that!

Disclaimer: I will probably add a mesh bumper when she gets older so she doesn't mess with the headboard and if she does, I will move the crib away from the wall. We purposely put the flower arrangement high enough she couldn't stand up and touch it (when the crib is lowered).

The crib is the same crib we had for all the girls. Found the PERFECT crib sheet on Amazon that brings out all the vintage colors.

This room is the smallest of 4 bedrooms in our home but is the perfect size for a cozy nursery. The one thing our house doesn't have is overhead lighting in the bedrooms. Its never been too much of an issue, we just have used lamps. Until I discovered something called "swag lighting". This very affordable lighting "hack" is perfect for this room. The shade is separate from the "swag kit". This kit is a 20' cord that plugs into an outlet and has a light bulb kit on the other end. It comes with a hook to hang it from the ceiling. In the photo below you can see the cord. It is plugged into the outlet that is operated by the light switch on the wall.

I have been eyeing this banner for years now. It is handmade and SO sweet. Comes in many colors! Of course, I got the "gold" one.

This little gold half sun wall rack is perfect for tiny hair bands.

The recliner looks almost identical to the one I had previously but with one major upgrade: It reclines. Only took me 2 kids to realize sleeping in a chair that doesn't recline really hurts your neck, go figure. We upgraded to this gray wingback glider/recliner and I love it.

We re-hung the curtains to be extra tall, which I recommend to all my clients. It instantly makes the room feel taller. We added gold rods with latte colored velvet curtains.

This time around, I put the dresser/changing table combo in the closet. This closet is very deep and is perfect for a scenario like this.

The dresser was a Marketplace find and my sweet husband sanded it down and repainted it. I could've gotten a bunch of matching bins and baskets for up here but ya'll, I'm large and tired and these bins work fine for us right now. The top row is where I've always stored the girl's baby boxes.

I found this white wire rack in the bathroom section at Homegoods and it is perfect for housing easy-to-reach diapers and wipes. A small basket on the dresser houses some lotions and creams and items like that.

The other wall in this room has a white mirror. It is a simple frameless mirror that my husband framed out and painted.

Can't wait to see all these girls together.

Thanks for reading, Friends!

If you missed this room when it was Pearl's Nursey, click here!


White Dresser - Facebook Marketplace - Similar

Diaper/Wipes Wire Rack - Homegoods - Similar

Mirror - Frame DIY - Similar

Rose Gold Side Table - Old from Target - Similar

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